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2015 So-Doshin Day Charity Report

In this year, Silicon Valley Branch supported preparation and cleaning-up of Chicken Bazaar held at the Temple on May 3rd to express our appreciation to Temple renting us the beautiful Dojo.

In addition, UNITED STATES SHORINJI KEMPO FEDERATION collected donation to save Nepal suffered by big earthquake happened in late April. Total $500 including $100 received from Temple for appreciation of our support for Chicken Bazaar is donated through American Red Cross.

Thank you for your participation in So-Doshin Day activities.

In next year, we look forward to seeing even more people participate in the charity activity to enforce Founder Doshin So’s  phrase of "Half for one's own happiness, and half for the happiness of others," ("nakaba wa jiko no shiawase wo, nakabaha hito no shiawase wo") through charities.


Shorinji Kempo So-Doshin Day Charity Committee